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Hi! Sorry for the late response, but this volume dilemna you have described appears to be a programming fault. At some point in the projects development, the engine was updated to include more audio and mixing tools. The volume in-game acts a bit wierd because it appears to use a logarithmic scale, so anything below ~70% sounds very very quiet. It also seems that I didn't program the interface clicking sounds to use the volume either, my bad! To answer your second question, I personally use a 0-100 scale as I like to think of it as a percentage (%), and I set the incriment to 10 beause I personally prefer only a fixed level of incriments (e.g. I can't stand it when the TV volume is 19 instead of 20). Although, I am noticing many new games using incriments of 10, or 1.0. For me, 0-100 is just a personal preference.

Gotcha. That's a weird way for the engine to do volume, but  does explain it. Don't worry about the late response, things happen (I work for a state agency, I'm used to far longer waits).  And that's interesting about the volume thing. I've got my own personal quirks with numbers, just with multiples of 5 instead of 10, so I get what you mean. Thanks forresponding :)