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And here we go - I've now played "Purple!" Quite an interesting little piece. I feel like I don't come across more urban style RPG Maker Horror very often - it tends to be Haunted Mansion style a la The Witch's House or Mad Father, both of which I do really enjoy, but this is a great change of pace. And I do like the artwork too.

I had actually played this under the impression it was a much shorter game than it was, but I quickly got invested enough to keep going.  There are some times where I feel like the team has sort of forgotten to view the game from the eyes of a newcomer - there are certain clues, hints and exits that are either a bit cryptic or practically require you to know the map ahead of time (a lot of exits hidden in corners or pitch black squares). Not saying "hold the player's hand" but there are times where it gets really tedious to try and figure out something that was probably blindingly obvious to those writing, programming and testing it a hundred times. But all that aside, I VERY much enjoyed its atmosphere, characters and visuals. Great stuff.

Here's my longplay: I did sadly get a bad ending, and from a brief look at your spoiler free walkthrough, it seems as if the good ending requires some extremely specific steps that you would have no way of knowing how to get on your own, which I am not too find of myself. All the same, I'll most likely try to get the other two endings later and do a followup video seeing those. 

I very much enjoyed this, and I hope to see more spooky stuff from you in the future.