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Hey! I saw you already found my video, was planning to post it up here when I had some time. I was super surprised at how large and fleshed out everything was. There was a ton of content here compared to most alphas I've played. I was pretty interested in finding out more about the story and why everything was turning all plastic-y. Some of the level transitions and trippy effects (like the hallway with glitchy tiles) were awesome!

I noticed a few bugs, but I did play this a few weeks ago so they might already be fixed. I noticed that the monster could kill me through the wall/door when I was close. I also found out that crouching lets you walk/clip in to desks (at least in the underground area).

In the end I got stuck on the underground maze area. I thought I had searched everywhere but there were no definite landmarks to really give me a sense of where I was going. Maybe I just missed something obvious. I tried following the ceiling lights one time but that didn't seem to work. Some sort of trailmarkers like lights that you could turn on would make it much much easier to navigate the maze after dying. Or just some recognizable features. Other than that I really would've liked to see more. I think this has some great potential for an alpha, keep up the good work!

And for anyone who wants to see my video with some takes on it, here's a link.


Thank you  for the info about the desk-clipping thing. I'll fix this. Yes most stuff is already fixed. And maybe you missed the note that says that there are boxes in the maze that guide you the right way ;-) Normally you need 30 seconds through this thing. Have a nice day  and thank you for playing :-)