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1. The story is not yet finished and we will not reveal info about unreleased content.

2. From our perspective, Eight is not treated like a "good" person if the player does not choose to do so. Seven gets angry, can push him off,  warn him, has to restrain herself from causing bodily injury, and can question him in-depth on his actions. There is also far more story content rewarded to the player if they do not give in. There is no additional narrative other than this or the other option where Seven gives in and does not have time to think about her actions. Whether the characters are seen as "good" or "bad" is entirely up to the reader and their assumptions if they make any. We can't change a readers perspective or feelings, all we do is provide situations that happen and Seven's reaction to it (which is usually based on your choice if it is a strong, divisive issue.)

I really like how you brought up the idea of consent. It’s important and I don’t deny that but, Eight brings up a good point in a very twisted way: how is his actions and different than Seven punching people, or Four killing someone? He isn’t wrong. Still, that is very much a slippery slope problem, meaning: in truth, each act of “consent” must be judged within the context, in my opinion. Obviously, certain acts of consent are a constant, sex for example. Rape is never okay, regardless of the situation but, is telling a white lie, which is effectively manipulating someone else (thinking for them instead of letting them decide if they want the truth or not, ie no consent) never okay, as well? The world is never as black and white as we humans wish it to be. There is beauty in that, though.