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Might want to check some of the lights again, since besides two of them, they seem infinite; also, adventure's detox doesn't show up, not to mention how OP Refresh is.

Lastly, are saves compatible? Like, would I have to start over to see the new events? (Seems to be, since I haven't encountered any events for floor 2.)

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First and foremost, thank you for bringing these issues to attention. It's very much appreciated. After looking over some things quickly, I've found the problems to the issues mentioned, and they will be taken care of. I will also be making some job and skill changes to help bring in some balance, along with the other jobs coming soon. Refresh is drastically more OP then I gave credit for (it wasn't meant to restore AP, for example. *headdesk*), so that's definitely seeing a change, though it might stay relatively stronger, as Adventurer doesn't get quite as many skills as the other jobs do.

As for compatible saves, they should be. The only problem would being unable to accept the new hairstyles and stats at the beginning, and there is a problem with a new scene in the inn if you didn't do it in earlier updates, and walk in through the front door, that is being addressed. However, I will be implementing items to change hair, eye color, etc, in future updates, and the scene with the inn should be taken care of next patch. As for everything else, however, it should be working if you transfer over your saves. The new events can be encountered if you lose to specific opponents, so if that's happened, and you're not getting anything, let me know, and I'll look into it.

I see, well, the only enemy that I lose to, right now, are the spiders on the 3rd floor (lol what is up with developers and spiders) -- The reason is mainly due to Paralyze, you end up being stuck for around 4-5 turns (the turn it wears off is skipped), and the spider may refresh it during that time, so you're pretty much stuck waiting for death, by poison.

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Any enemies that are blue fireballs are "event enemies", which already do, or will have, events to them once I get to them. Floors one and two aren't supposed to be too difficult, but Floor three and up is when things start to ramp up. That said, you shouldn't be stuck, and I'll look into the success percentages for the spiders paralysis. It shouldn't be too high, but if it's a problem, I'll also be tuning that down some. Floors 3-5 are still in beta stages, so thank you again for letting me know of these issues. I will hopefully have them fixed by next patch.

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lol, yeah, the chances are low (maybe since they've paralyzed me all 3 times before), but if all three of them use it, continuously, or you happen to get unlucky, you end up dead. -- They only need 10 rounds to kill you, since poison does 10% of your max health each round, meaning if you're paralyzed at least twice, you're dead.

Edit: Hmm, seems I can't move my saves from one folder to another. Tried seeing if they were compatible, since last time I overwrote the folder; this time I move the saves, then deleted the old folder, extracted the new ones, and moved the saves back in, but the moved saves doesn't show up when loading -- Is MV save different from VX Ace?

I've looked at the math, and will be changing the success percentages quite a bit. They seem to be a little too high, which is why they might be "paralyze blocking" you. So that'll come as a change, along with other moves and skills getting similar changes to them. As for the saves, MV and Ace are relatively different in a few regards. Just to make sure, are you also transferring the global.rpgsave file? If you don't transfer it as well, then the game won't read the saves as acceptable, or as having files present. I will see if I can work on the save issue. As the game is still a bit in development, a lot of scripts, data, and other parts are constantly being changed for current and future work, so there could be times that older saves will not like the newer versions of the game. Again, I'll look into seeing what can be done, but in that regard, I'm afraid I can't make too many promises.

Ah, that's the problem then, didn't move the global.rpgsave file (And I emptied my recycling bin while it was there too! Oh well, would have restarted to see the events anyways)

Anyways, a funny note: Leg Swipe can cancel confusion out -- Ex. 1st one Confuses the Enemy, then the 2nd one cancels the first.

Typos: Water Spirits

1 -- Whim of the Water Spirit[s] -- Since there were 2.

1 -- start to however[hover] around you

2 -- You're [P]art of your body

3 -- the spirit possessing you do so [more] for more its' own pleasure, then yours'.

4 -- release, feel pleasure.... -- This one is odd, since it's located at the beginning, and the prior sentence had ended in a period.

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That's... A new one. I'll look into it and see why it does that. It should confuse them both, or one of them. It shouldn't be cancelling them out, though. I'll have to see what's up with that.

And thank you! I still have a lot of work to do writing wise, so every bit helps. Also, typing scenarios late at night on little sleep doesn't help. My mistake. Anyways, I'll be sure to go back and fix them, and they should be adjusted next patch.

Additionally, despite the problems, I do hope you're enjoying the game. If you have any comments or suggestions, dolet them be known, as I want to make sure everyone is having a fun and enjoyable experience. Thanks again for letting know about these errors, and I'll get them fixed asap.

Edit: I see now; The reason a second leg sweep will cancel out the first is due to the damage inflicted by leg sweep. Damage is one way to negate confusion, so when you hit the enemy, you're essentially curing confusion in the process. I'll have this changed by next update.