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1. When standing on a hill or even on a flat land, looking down quickly-ish you can see under the map/ground for a couple of seconds.

2. Bosses will spawn with little health. I found the beetle-like boss which only had 204 out of 900 something health even though it was my first incounter.

These are known and they are being worked on, hopefully they will be fixed before next release.

3. AI can stand perfectly on a almost horizontal platform. (Goat which was underwater, under a waterfall, standing perfectly still, on a horizontal plain.)

I don't quite get what you mean, hopefully the video can help me understand it.

5. Enemies can see you through certain objects while also being able to shoot through it vica versa. (Tents, the huge trees where the beetle boss spawns, and sometimes the white looking trees.)

4. AI will willingly walk into a fire causing it to be low health when fighting it.

Well the AI is kind of dumb and pretty barebones, so this isnt really a bug but more like  a lack of feature. Hopefully I can start working in on it soon. But anyways thanks for pointing it out!

6. When walking downhill, your character will sometimes jump a little causing you to take damage.

How big is the fall? Anyway, I'll try to reproduce it.

?. Do the quests not work yet or do you need to find people to aquire them?

They havent been worked on yet.

I am glad you liked the game and I am looking forward to seeing the video

Haha! I am such a moron. I didn't mean horizontal, I meant vertical. Sorry for the confusion. I just NOW realised that. (I am finally home so I would be able to get the video out soon.)

Sadly, I am not able to upload the video today. The video got corrupted when it tried exporting so I need to re-record it. (I am going to Atlanta tomorrow and I will be back home around 4pm EST. I will be able to record then. Sorry for the trouble! :/)

It's all good, I'll wait for it eagerly :D

The video is STILL coming along. It's been a pain to try and show you everything lol. I am trying to edit it in the order I made the list (which is working out so good but its taking ages to do so sorry about that). I WILL come!

I had to sadly give up on the video. Every time I record a video (which I did many times showing the bugs) it will go black and sometimes everything would crash. I did get ONE video recorded but when I tried to export it, it got corrupted...

The game would crash or windows? if its the former can you send me the log.txt file?

My recording software would crash which would lag my computer forcing the game to close.