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The interaction seems based on raycast with infinite length? Would probably be better to be shortened to 1-2m.

The generator room uses the same stepsound like the rest of the area despite the water on the floor
The operation table has no collision.
There is no "Exit" door, that would give this place some semblence of a real location.
Wouldn't "Dr." be sufficient on the sign next to the door (Dctr.)?
The black shroud figure lost in shock value quickly and the end was sadly pretty predictable.
Could definitely need some improvements in atmosphere/ambience, but at least it's not as unforgivable as other games.


A few of those issues were addressed in the current version of the Post Jam Build, though some of them (mainly the exit door) hadn't crossed my mind, but I'll be sure to add them in when I can.

Most of the game's major shortcomings areunfortunately a result of the game being made within 4 days in a pretty intense crunch, so bad decisions and design oversights are plentiful.

But, I'm still continuing on with tweaks and updates based on feedback, and I'll be sure to take yours into account!

Thanks :)

Yeah, I can imagine that a 3D game in 4 days (depending on team size) can be pretty hard to put together. Especially since sound design isn't necessarily something you think about from the start of development. The overall idea of involving some eldritch being/the doctor being part of a cult was nice, but the length of the game didn't give the mind enough time to come up with any horrible scenarios of what could be. If I remember right Amnesia: The Dark Descent triggered such sequences by short moments where the game would go into slow motion (with slight tunnel vision?), while sound effects would play as if the torture instrument was being used, when interacting with it for the first time.
Good luck with updating :D

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Of course, Amnesia was a big influence in a few regards, but again, most of the ideas it brought weren't really doable alongside the rest of it in just 4 days (and the team consist of just me too), but now I've got all the time in the world for updates, and a lot of cut/intended content should make their way back in :)