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Nonstop action, beautifull pixelart and animations, great soundtrack. Simply a gem <3

I kinda feel that like some cards arent realy effective unless combined in a specific deck, which is hard to achieve with random cards.
I also feel like choosing a card instead of another doesn't really change my tactics. It might be that the mama meter is charging too fast so even the most expensive cards can be cast within a few seconds after getting them.
Just my thoughts, I still love the HELL out of this game.


Thank you!! All great points. I will try to have some ways to focus on certain types of cards, so as the variety of spells increases it will still be possible to get some synergy cards. Also the mana meter has been made faster (and mana costs lower) just for the demo since it is so short. Thank you for the feedback I will keep it in mind for the future :)