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Ah, yeah, I get that too with my characters xD

I don't know if you'll explain this later on, but what's with the name Sally Face? I know it's like a fun to make fun of him. When I search up Sally Face, I get a lot of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas lol Could it be that?

I noticed that a lot of nightmare before christmas stuff pops up when you search Sally Face haha, I wasn't expecting that but I shouldn't be too surprised. I love that movie but I don't think I drew much inspiration from it for Sally Face. Honestly I can't remember where the name came from, I have a weird mind, sometimes strange things just form in there. Also, I came up with the Sally Face character about 9 or 10 years ago now D: It started as a sketch, then a concept for a short cartoon, then it was put on the back burner for a few years before I dug it up again.

Oh wow! That's a long time ago! I remember characters and the world I've made up around those years. Well, actually, it's almost 7(ish) years going on for me. The world just keeps expanding in my mind but I'm unable to put it down in words just yet xP It's killing me honestly.

Aye, I can see the strange mind at work [especially that portable moose 8)]. My mind tend to wander to more morbid territories. I have this story I've been dying to finish and I swear it started off as a light with a dark undertone story. Seems like that dark undertone became the tone itself >.> haha.

The best thing to do it just jot stuff down as you think of it. Start little notes here and there, even if you don't think you'll use them. For me at least, this does two things: gives me a reminder of the ideas I've had and also lets me come back to them later on to see if they are actually any good or not. I probably have 100's of notes/ideas floating around for different game concepts but one thing I learned early on is that ideas aren't worth much until you actually do something with them. So I encourage everyone who has a story in their head to write it down. Even if you don't plan on doing anything more with it, it could be a good exercise in self discovery. And who knows, maybe you have a little bit of gold to share with the world.