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the game never crashed ( yet ) it just fails to load and then i get this weird broken map camera where i'm halfway thru the ground. recently i found some weird thing where this little menu shows up and locks the screen but i can't get rid off it. (i can't get a good pic of the loading screen freeze.)

I had found that bug too and I think I already fixed it, or I have decreased the frequency it occurs, at least. I'm not 100% what was causing it, but it hasn't happened to me since I played with the code for the player's home. And I'm not 100% sure, but it seems that I have fixed the loading issues on my end as well. 

I intend to throw a hot-fix up later today/early tomorrow since those two bugs in particular are pretty nasty, game-ruining experiences. 

I appreciate the help, by the way. If I could ask, how is the actual gameplay so far? Is it fun? Are there any areas that definitely need improving?

I like to think it's fun, I enjoy as does our play-tester, but we've both been playing it for years now through hundreds of iterations, so our vision could just be tinted. :/

yeah the gameplay is simplistic but that's a good thing so it makes the game a much more casual experience. but the fighting could use a little work because the enemies drain your health faster than school drains my sanity. but i can't say how the whole game is because i can't finish it and it's just an alpha.

Thank you for the response. I really appreciate any and all input, especially from sources outside our little group. 

If you're talking about the Ritualists, I was thinking about nerfing their Fennoc Fire, but wasn't sure about it. They kill me more often than anything else too. :p