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the Loom is the infinite canvas upon which All-Under-Creation is woven. think of the "stuff" between it as a mist-shrouded melange of open sky and open sea, shifting seamlessly between the two, crossed by all manner of boats. the Spheres are those worlds that people live in; some entire planets, some tiny islands.

picture not a flat earth but a flat universe, with worlds as continents and space the oceans between them. if that makes sense?


Ah I see, makes sense. Another question if you can indulge me: when creating a sphere, should you roll on both the generic tables and the Sphere specific tables (Middle Kingdoms, Deep, etc), or just one or the other

Depends on how weird you want your Sphere! I really tried to lean into the techno-wizardry sword & planet of like John Carter or Barrier Peaks but that's not necessarily everyone's cup of chai. A lot of the more specific Sphere tables, particularly the Deep, lean heavily into the weird, whereas the generic tables are mostly slottable into anything.