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Nice! I too just got GMS from the humble bundle, and it looks like you've made some great progress! We still have a week left, though, so if you want to keep adding and tweaking there's plenty of time! I'll come back and rate towards the end. :)

Also, I have a prototype that uses physics and I put it up here on in HTML5 and it worked fine. Well, it worked about as well as the windows version. Is there a description somewhere about what they do and don't support with HTML5? I don't want to put a bunch of effort into something that's not supported.

Thanks for the kind words!

I'm actually not sure what works in HTML and what not. I suggest that you (unlinke what I did) test the different compounds of your game early on all targets (windows/Html/,,,)

Looking forward to your entry!

Kind of stopped tweaking this one and had a stab at another submission for this gamejam. I'm quite interested to hear what your thoughts are! Link over here: T-SWAP