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We've made a small Hotfix for Version 1.1B2 that we published yesterday. This hotfix fixes the Tech Cards regression and also fixes some typos we found while showcasing the game to yesterday, and since it was a really small fix, it doesn't justify increasing the version number.

Here's the change log for Version 1.1B2 Hotix! (Relased 01 Oct)

  • Fixed small regression in Tech Cards where they would, sometimes, display both controller and item instructions when they should only display one at a time depending on the tech type.
  • Fixed some typos in some of the Tech Cards descriptions. One such example is "Poison" being written as "Posion" in the Garden Scythe card.

Play it!

At this point in time we don't have the next patch for the game planned. We're currently waiting for for an answer regrading showing the game at a public event, and depending on the answer, a further version of the game will be developed. If you would like to see more of Colossorama, don't forget to make a post over at the Feedback Thread!