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I absolutely just love this little gem! It's such an interesting concept to make use of the otherwise well known karaoke-singstar-mechanic in a "real" computer game with an interesting world and atmosphere!

A while ago I made a Let's Play video of "One Hand Clapping" and I figured that I'd share it here. Enjoy :)


i just wanted to say i loved your video X'DD

So, I totally forgot to reply to your comment, sorry about that :C I'm SO happy that you liked my video of this awesome little game! Maybe there's other stuff on my channel that you would find funny and interesting? :D


Thanks so much for sharing your voice with all of us! Take On Me has never sounded so beautiful....

Haha, I must say that I prefer other versions of Take On Me, but then again, most people hate the sound of their own voice ;D Again, thanks for creating this awesome and unique game, I hope to see much more from you guys in the future!