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Could you write a bit more about the genders involeved in the interactions, friendships and romances? In the video I only see interactions between a girl and boys. Is this game LGBTQ-friendly?

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Hi Kenneth!

Thanks for your question. Yes, Terranova is LGBTQIA+ friendly. In fact, there are no heterosexual relationships in this game. (EDIT: There is one, but it’s very short-lived.) All the player characters identify as women, (Tourmaline, Cherrygoround, EphemeralSmile and Sendaria) and the fictional characters they play in the roleplay community are men (Eytan, Dominique, Isaiah, Hikaru).

Two of the characters canonically date in the story.

Throughout the course of the game, there’s several LGBTQIA+ themes explored; when does friendship become romance, wanting a different body than what you were born with, seeing other people in your age group gravitate towards romance and sex when you don’t have those desires. 

As for the specific relationships, those are some of the main plot points in the story so I won’t spoil them! ;)