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Great game! I never saw an alpha version of a game being so playable and stable. Well done!

Ideas/proposals I have for the game:

1. the viking ship should have storage or it should be possible to build chests on it.

2. capacity of inventory should grow if health is permanently raised

3. would be great if traps could be built and placed to hunt e.g. rabbits

4. adding editable labels to map markers would help big time

Thank you for the great work!

1.  Longship has storage in the Steam version.
2.  I don't necessarely agree with that, but there could be improvements made to the inventory system overall. (Stack sizes have been tweaked in the Steam version, you can hold more overall)
3.  That's actually a cool idea.
4.  Yup, labels or maybe color code on the icons would help a bunch, the minimap could definitely use more features.

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Best regards,
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

I've found that if I fell a lot of big trees in an area, but don't cut them up, I can often chase deer to run into them and die.  It's sorta like an alpha trap.  :)