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I honestly don't think that the description does this game justice. The characters are so unbelievably three-dimensional. They have strong lines and personalities. 

Although the block of text may seem a little harsh on the eye, it is SO SO SO worth reading. Some quotes that I especially loved were (lol sry I'm a nerd):

"I don’t give people second chances. I’ve been burned in the past. I have a hard time letting go of the past. Nostalgia is my drug of choice."

"I want to believe that magic exists somewhere. I’ve looked for it at the bottom of bottles and in people’s hands. I don’t know how to let go." 

"She is a part of the way that I write, she exists in the blank spaces between these words.

Also, the characters look so so good and the CGs are immensely satisfying. Teddie is...amazing. Also, the beginning is kind of hard to get through, I'm not going to lie.

HHhhh!! Thank you this means a lot to me!