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Should just cut to the chase and just say 'inspired by UnderTale'.  :P

Deliberately disabling 'claiming' the game means that far less people will care to even give it a go.  Hard Drive space is precious for many.

Thanks for your insight. To be honest, I haven't played Undertale and in fact still know very little about it. The germ of the idea for this game started almost a decade ago.

To make the game available to claim, I believe I have to make it a paid game that is then discounted down to $0. I might do that with all my freeware, I guess! Thanks for the thoughts.

I appreciate the candid response.  I believe my cynicism towards games liberally copying others (primarily in the mobile market) may have clouded my impression of your game with the inspiration being a popular cult classic called UnderTale that has gone through the usual internet meme cycle.

It is awesome that you had the idea for so long and finally decided to implement it.

And yeah, having a 100% discounted 'sale' that lasts a year (or however long it allows you to do so) for a 'paid' game will allow people to claim it to their account and hopefully give it a chance instead of passing it up.

I've taken a look at the downloadable application and I can see why so few contributors want to bother coding for it.  I'm hoping someone willing to fork the code might be able to break out of the current stifling programming environment and open it up to far more talented contributors.

I do wish you the best of luck.  My hope is that my previous comment is not seen as harsh or overly-critical.  I do love the ideas/concept and your unique aesthetic has a certain retro-styled charm to it.  :)