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Suuuuper hard.  I made it to the boss and died immediately.  Getting to the boss was fun though!  The wall jump mechanic worked really well.  Once I accidentally discovered double jump, things got a lot easier.  Nice use of Kenney assets, and your pig of course!  I wouldn't mind the steep difficulty if there were checkpoints, but without checkpoints I can't imagine ever beating the boss!  Music/sfx would have been very nice.  Overall, a very difficult game that really wants some music, with solid platformer mechanics and a cute pig.

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Ohh noes, sorry so much about that! The boss thing was made poorly because as you saw I wouldn't even made it in time! But I already worked on that on the next day lol

Although I'm still working on sound :P

Very nice!  That looks a little more forgiving.  I'd like to play a post-jam version if you release one. :)