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hey i like the art and idea of the game but i did face some bug issues! when i got to like next part it would freeze the character and i would have to completely restart from the beggining. just wondering are there going to be save options or checkpoints addded later or?

Hi there DizzY!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for creating your video - it's great!

To answer your question: yes, we will have a Save/Load system as well as Checkpoints in the final release. Those systems have been disabled in the demo for now as they are still a work-in-progress.

We're sorry you experienced that bug! A hot-fix is being pushed tonight that will hopefully resolve this issue. If you'd like to email some more details to, it will greatly help us to diagnose and solve that particular bug.

Thanks again.
The Bad Goat Team

no problem! yes ill send an email with the video to show the issue im having! thanks for quick respond !

Thank you! That will be most helpful :)

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