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Dutch windmills rotating clockwise... eeh? Did the creator even bothered to lookup how windmills operate? And the artist... the artist is Paul Gabriël,  not "Paul Joseph".

Don't get me wrong, I love this idea... but as a Dutch citizen and lover of engineering and perspective I'm crying on the inside since there is so much wrong with this.

Hello Oranda,

thank you  very much for your feedback.

At the time we did IMPRESSIONISTa Windmills we entered the Rijksmuseum 2017 studio anual design show competition.
So, about the artist, we wrote his name correctly, as you can see at the museum link:

About the windmill rotation, we did research about the locations and the functioning, but because time constraints and other reasons, we missed the counter-clockwise rotation. We will  fix the game and re-publish it as soon as possible.

Best regards,

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"A Windmill on a Polder Waterway, Known as ‘In the Month of July’, Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriël, c. 1889"
as quoted on the website...

Paul (first name) Joseph (second or middle name) Constantin (third name) Gabriël (last name or family name).

I looked up the information and it seems he was best known as "Constan(t) Gabriël" altho at occasions he also called himself  or is referred to as "Paul Gabriël", but personally he prefered to call himself just by his family name "Gabriël".

Yours truly,

Hello Oranda,

thanks for the feedback,

we fixed the windmills rotation inside the game , (but changing the videos is not possible or not so simple to delete it and repost) and the artist name inside the game was already correct. We'll update his name at our main page.

Best regards,