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ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \  Hello~ 

Was honestly surprised to see you made this, but I'm glad to see you tackle something different since I usually associate you with a distinguishable art style. The art is overloaded with cuteness and I love the bright, colorful world you have here. I can't help but enjoy beating up the other cats and hearing their meows since their play fights are just so cute. Most of all, I really like the playful dialogue and gacha system.The cat gacha is a quirky way to see other types of cats while getting people to play more of the game.

I do admit that the combat gets repetitive and annoying at times though, especially at the later levels. I suppose that since this is meant to be a mobile game the gameplay is understandable as it's intended to be played every so often rather than all in one sitting. I found the small battlefield to be the biggest nuisance since the cats collide with each other and end up being unable to hit their targets. While the narrow battlefield may be intentional so people can strategize, I personally couldn't get over the frustration it brings at times.

Overall, super cute game with plenty of style and quirk. The combat system is a bit annoying at times, but I still like the game for what it is. Good job on making it~