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yeah it wont even open for a second, no pop up, not even anything showing up on the task manager lol

lol that is wierd, you are at windows, mac or linux? 

and try re-download it again

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Seems to be that the windows/linux version is missing many files.  That's why it's 1/6th the size, and it only has 3 images, vs 31 in the mac version.  

I think it's basically crashing at launch from the missing files.  

Ok, I think is the zip file, let me check if I can upload it without zip 


It seems to be a problem with the build of pc, Like you said it was not complete in the zip file, I made a new build and uploaded it, please tell me if it work now. 


It does work correctly, now.  

ok, thanks for the report ^_^