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Hi! I adore the game's art style and the cats' animation - it's definitely the first thing that drew me to this page haha. I started off by playing the web version and I ended up having trouble with selecting things with my mouse as my cursor didn't show up in game, but that could just be a browser/computer/OS/misc. technical issue on my end. I opted for downloading the app instead and it worked perfectly.

Knowing that you could recruit more cats than just 'ordinary cats' (like the Persian and the Tabby cat and Bred, which are all super adorable!) was a big motivator for me. I really liked the idea of having a moss or space kitty! Unfortunately I haven't found them yet but I'll keep playing and see how it goes.

I also appreciated the cat 'purchase' system where if you got a rare-ish cat that you already had, you could send it back for 1 coin and effectively try again. You don't usually see that in other games that use a similar gameplay mechanic and I was pleased to see that this game used a more forgiving approach.

Overall - fun and cute game and I'm looking forward to seeing how its story will unfold!