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DemiDato is great just it's really short. I know you can't give away too much in  a demo but, I felt it was all rushed. The ending was the same for all the contestants. Not bashing as, the game is good the art style is nice, the dialouge well written and, the characters for what we get are quirky.

Thank you for your Let's Play! We appreciate it!
And we've had some feedback about the demo being too short - unfortunately that was a necessary evil during development. This demo was able to be finished with assets that were mostly already created, or WIP, on the art and UI side of things, but the script was written from scratch in the span of 6 days to get it done for the jam we participated in. There's only so far the writing team can push themselves!

Anyway, thank you for the feedback, and thank you for liking the game regardless!