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that was the plan to have following levels with more and more walls and more maze like 

and even in my dreams (I was from start quite sure I would ever have the time to make it) have the last level  with enemies like the ghost from packman wandering and chasing you.

but I ran into bugs, that prevented me from going very far in my plan.  For example, the other snakes that spawn are clone-ghost of the player and should follow the same path the player went (spawning from different point - the last non plain slab the player passed by) but they some time go rogue; not look like a big issue when the level is just an open field like the first level, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be nice in a maze  :(

same with the timed sequence with the power pellet that allow the player to eat the other snake temporary. Doesn't always respwam when it must or the growth of the tail of the player is wrong.  

So decided 2h before the deadline to cut that behind a win screen; and was so tired and stressed I managed to fail that :(

edit: had plan to export also the game as html5; but I don't know why the game is full of glitches in html5