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1. The building menu HAS been reworked internally already, though it does not use mouse input, it's a lot easier to navigate, you'll see.

2. A larger snap area would be a bad idea, unless a key is required to be pressed in order to snap your building block, you wouldn't want things to snap when you don't want them to. Just build temporary blocks to aim at the places you need to aim.

3. Fishing is a great idea and may be considered. As for the health and food system, they've been completely revamped.

4. Refer to my answer above, and on top of that you do regen when sheltered.

5. Beds have been given more functionality internally.

6. I don't see why they should be, I believe it is fine this way. The only thing I'd think should change in that regard is having dedicated slots for armor. As for shortcuts to help you sort out your inventory, that can come at a much later date, if at all.

7. There are text tutorials, although not enough I'll admit, this will be improved.

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