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Sad to read that. So you think it was to hard for you to proceed? All hints are written in notes you find, keys are mostly in drawers. The elevator key doesn't exist ;-) you don't need it. Maybe you give the final version a try when its finished or watch one of the videos on yt to see how to progress. best regards, R.

I actually couldn't read the notes because the task bar was in the way because it doesn't want to disappear when I play a game anymore. :P Could you make it that the text is higher? That'll help. :) Thanks. NOTE: It was fun when it lasted. I can't wait for the final version.

Sure, i set the new minimum height slightly above the taskbar size, it also looks better and is more comfortable to read. I put this in the next update. Thank you for playing.


I am 100% going to replay this. It is really good!