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Based on demo 16,   There are 4 things that  need tighty 'em up.  One ,the  ship moves too fast for the pixel perfect dodging nature of a shmup. If possible tighten the ships movement speed.  I kept dying in stage 1 trying  to dodge enemies and maneuver obstacles because the ship moved too quickly when I only lightly moved the control stick.  Two,  does burst have delay activation if it does lower it a little , I tried bursting through the  enemy pellets and died because it activated too late. Three,  the stage 1 final boss's phase 2 is too hard.  The unidirectional lasers came too quick for  anybody to react to.  Make sure for all the bosses in the game they are easier to react too than this demo.  Four , stage 2 has an enemy that throw bombs  that can kill you as they fall and hit the ground as they burst to flames, so  my problem with this enemy is the projectiles are too  hard to see since the bombs blend into the background.  Otherwise, I love what you have so far. Especially the music, keep it up and are you thinking of a gog release.