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Really great concept and approach!
I didn't expect the wacky style to work with the horror elements, but you proved me wrong! I actually loved this combination. Not only that, but the backstory is interesting too. We usually see horror games with the usual story going on, but you did something different. The whole plastic experiment went wrong is working in favour of the game. It explains the enemies and the events without having to read copious amounts of notes like in similar games. The enemies are creepy, even though harmless. The jumpscares are there, but they startled me rather than make me jump. I appreciate the subtleness of them, since they don't ruin the atmosphere.
The art style suits the game a lot! It is unique and pops out with the great use of lighting. It is a bold move to make a horror game like this, but you pulled this out successfully.
And now about my favourite part of the game, the sound design. It is so captivating. Especially the ambient track that plays in the rooms on the third floor. It is just the right kind of music a game like this should have. The sound effects are solid as well, delivering a great experience and making the place feel almost real.
So yeah, good job!! I totally enjoyed your game, even though I didn't beat it.
It has a lot of potential, so keep it up!

Thank you very much for these valuable words. It shows me that I have chosen the right path in the development of the game and that quality and intensive work is valued. This encourages me to continue. Have a nice day :-)