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In #BeyondRetrieval you can get items from boss fights. But, besides that, there are 3 more ways you can get a new weapon, talisman or blood stones.

The first way is from chests which you can find all around the world. This is the easiest way of obtaining the item. All you need to do is to get closer to the chest and you will get a new item :)

The second way is from blue crystals. You can break these crystals and get an item from them only if you have a silent bell talisman that can create low-frequency sound.

And the last, third way are white spheres that will regenerate itself after every damage. In order to break this spheres, you need to hit them as fast as you can and give them no time for regeneration. The best way to do this is to hit them with weapon and magic at the same time and create a combo that will break them.

For now, you can try out Beyond Retrieval demo on and tell me what you think. every feedback is welcome :)