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awesome! thanks a bunch!

okay, dumber question: how would i install hacks? do i need to have the game finished already, or is there a tab containing the source code that i could get to in the browser?

i'm very new here

That's okay, everyone is new at first!

You can't install hacks in the Bitsy editor. You can either download your game's HTML file and add the hack by hand, or you can use Borksy ( With Borksy, you paste in your game data and select the hacks you want to use, and it will output the game file with the hack included.

If you haven't already, you might also be interested in joining the Bitsy Talk Discord. There are plenty of folks there who will be happy to help you with the ins and outs of Bitsy. Here's an invite:

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okay, good to know. i'm making it for a jam, so i'll just stick to what i know for now. thanks for the advice!

ngl i'd love to accept the invite, but this is a throwaway account and my discord would reveal who i actually am. until i make a throwaway in discord, i have to decline. i'm really sorry. thanks for the help, though!