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I'm excited for the other games, especially the one with the brothers XD!!! (I, too, submerge myself in fluff). I really love He's Just My Buddy (probably my fav among all your games solely because of Caden and Iver and their relationship; they're just so sweet but in a candid way <3). 

I'm also interested in a sequel for HJMB, but like you I also don't know what else to add. I only know that I'd like to see more of them.

...maybe something like either of them planning to take the other out on a date? It'd be nice if both Caden and Iver are options to play so we can see Iver's thought process as well... Maybe different options lead to different types of dates/dialogues or something... No bad endings just fluff <3 Idk just a thought feel free to ignore...

Wahahaha I don't enjoy bad endings too XD. All the bad endings I make are so short for that reason lol XD. But thanks for the ideas, I will keep them in mind UwU