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I'm after a Steam key, does this come with one please?
I'm also trying to track down a Steam key for Sci-fi highway racer & Caveman adventures if they are yours as well please? I have all of your other games already except Police car chase which I messaged you on it's Itchio page.
I have since bought a steam key for this from you on G2A but I'm still after the other if you can help please?

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Yes, this is Steam key, and it's very limited offer, only 100 keys are left.  The price will grow to the last key.

After that PC version no longer will be available anywhere.

Does that mean it won't be sold even on Steam ? Will post launch development stop on the game after that ?

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Can't say anything about Steam anymore, they have banned the game and me as developer. But the project development will continue anyway.

That sucks. Any plans to release a DRM free version to here ? Could just  bypass Steam altogether.

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Definitely there are some plans for DRM free version on, it will be also available here some day, as DRM free version.

I would be interested when it get's release on itch DRM free!

Is this your only Steam game? I would like to buy keys for any other you had please.