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This was much better than I was anticipating for a jam game. I think I'm about halfway through with just under an hour of gameplay (Governor's Mansion) but it's become a little difficult to continue on the 7 bullets and 2.5 Lts of blood the game gives you upon death. I'm not completely stuck, because you can sleep to reset the levels, then grind the first floor for a stack of blood and bullets, but having to do that in a game this size seems silly, and I already did it once to deal with bone bag.

I think resting should just refill your blood, with a bed on every floor (so no need to constantly return to the surface). Yes this busts the blood merchent, but maybe you can only use him once per rest? Either that, or have enemies drop a little more blood (especially larger enemies / bosses) since grinding the whole first floor gave me an additional 16ish bullets and 2 lts of blood. To max out my stats, I'd need to grind a few times and trade in all my excess bullets for what im lacking, which is a lot of work.

Basic enemies requiring 3 bullets, when the average room in the mansion gives you maybe 6 bullets, means the game falls out of whack quickly on the 3rd floor. You really need a more powerful pistol here, that can make short work of the starter mobs. The red walkers could still take 3, because they're more powerful, but getting a better weapon here could mean grinding is easier on upper levels, which means the game would become balanced again.

The slow descent into the pit is a cool concept and the characters are all cute and loveable, but it's a shame they don't have much more than one thing to say when you spend time with them. It's also unclear if spending time with them does much more than lay some exposition on you about what's going on, but it's too early to tell. A blood boost the first time you spend time with them after a rest would make tracking down all the npcs worthwhile.

Graphics are cool, not sure if the sprites are ripped or OC but I love them regardless. Movement can be a little dicey and sometimes diagonal aiming is sketchy/unresponsive. The bopping on the bunny's ears as they run is great, and the gunplay mechanics are fairly smooth. I did notice sometimes that you'd randomly shoot to the right for no reason, but I'm not sure how to replicate it yet so I'll let you know as I keep playing. The atmosphere works really well, and I love how the enemies fade outside of the light - but the effect wears off by the third floor when there's 3 enemies in every single room. I think instead of ramping the amount of mobs, it'd be better to ramp the difficulty of the mobs, that way I'm not wasting 3 bullets on every single one, another 4 on roadblocks and more on other creatures.

The warning for how many bullets you'll need per boss is a good idea. The sound design is decent. My only real let down on the game is, due to the size, I think it needs much more story to keep it interesting. Yes, they all sunk into the pit because they didn't want to face their responsibilities etc, yes I'm descending down to kill king dude, but there's no real development for our bunn (at least so far).

Overall though I'm really enjoying this so far and I'll try again later to finish it up (or now, maybeeeee). <3

I found a way to grind bullets a little quicker. Rest, go down into the pit (spider floor) and collect the 15 bullets here. Now return and rest, and repeat. It takes less than a minute per run. Once you have a lot of bullets, trade them to merchent to refill your blood, then refill your bullets by grinding the spider floor until you're ready to continue the game.

Just a follow up, I lost my save game completely after dying on the spider floor by ramming into a spider. The game states 'Save Game Not Found. Start New Game?'. It's a real bummer coz I was enjoying it, but I might come back to it later with the grind in mind and try to quickly make up the progress I lost.