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So I feel like I have to say right away, I don't think this is bad by any means, but I was pretty hard on it. And a lot of that had to do with your advertisement on the page saying "No shitty jumpscares guaranteed" because they were everywhere. You managed to build a phenomenal atmosphere though sound design and lighting and it was all ruined by the sheer volume of the loud noises, sharp crashes and flashing lights, all common elements of jumpscares. It pretty quickly desensitized me to the feelings they were supposed to be evoking and I ended up running towards the enemies just to see if I was really in any danger.  When I figured out all they could do was cause some screen effects with no consequences, it all fell apart. This is a really strong start to something amazing, but the player really needs to stay sensitized to the atmosphere for it to work, and constantly throwing jumpscares at the player is the opposite of that.


Thank you so much for playing, this will help me  a lot with the development  and also with some decisions. For example: the sound volume  stuff.   It's  exactly what you wrote: I don't wanna ruin the atmosphere. So thanks a lot.