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Very nice so far!

 I really like the art-each character seems to have their own color scheme (Cailean's is green and blue , Nikolai's is red, Deka's is purplish and Elsie's is also purplish?) But at any rate, they're all very pleasing to look at! Especially I like Elsie's shirt, for some reason. It looks like it's very comfy. I liked how Deka's eyes changed with their mood. It was very clever, and very cute.

If anything I am more curious to what happens next in the story, especially about the necromancer.  I wonder if you can date the necromancer though that wouldn't be the best idea XD

Keep up the good work! I'll be eagerly awaiting it!


Yes, you're right!! Elsie's color scheme is more of a green/white, but you were pretty close! (Maybe it's not clear enough oops haha) Her sweater does look very cozy <3 Thank you very much for playing and leaving us a nice comment!!

As for whether you can date the necromancer... well, that would be spoilers, wouldn't it? ^^