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It's going to be hard for me to go to sleep tonight, don't want to put this game down :(.
So far the experience is continuing to be absolutely awesome, having just made it past the first mass of tears as the deeper story unfolds.
So many layers of enjoyable and smooth mechanics, absolutely in love with this game.

Just a quick simple bugfix to report though atm:
After Klein's journal is available on her bed, if you read that the black/screen doesn't unfade after it. Just missing an event in there somewhere-I managed to navigate to the bed to sleep and that unfaded the screen for me.

Also, though it's not something fun to have to tell players, I might give additional advise on the necessity to save frequently somewhere in-game at the start. Having been as hooked on the game as I have been, It's crashed a few times now. Not much lost thanks to reading the readme, but it feels important enough to be mentioned in-game unless a future RPG Maker update/build helps resolve the issue.
(If possible I'd recommend adding auto-saves after a Mog Cluster, as that was a tough battle to redo after crashing, and they're noteworthy/not too frequent).


Thank you so much for the kind words, we feel very moved by the support given to us these past days ; _ ; We're glad you're enjoying the game!!

Thank you for letting us know of that bug! We've fixed it and we will be releasing a patch to fix this and other things soon, as well adding the auto-saves after Mog Clusters. We'll talk about adding the message about the crashes, but for now we hope people read the readme. Thank you so much again!!