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In version 0.63 I have noticed a few bugs: 

1. There is a bug when scrolling through the girls: I have 9 girls. When I scroll forward from Maeve I get Tailè and then Asmedia, but when I scroll BACKWARDS from Asmedia it skips Tailè and sends me straight to Maeve.

2. When I go to the handling room and select a girl, then scroll backwards (using mouse wheel) and scroll forward again, the girl-selection overlay remains displayed.

I have not upgraded to 0.64 yet; for all I know these might be fixed.

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1) I have reported that bug happens in 0.64 too
2) Issues caused by scrolling is from renpy, so its not game bug that could be fixed. So we dont recommend usage of scroll especially forward, you want to skip the dialogues use Ctrl key.