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Thank you for your answer. I've read the reviews you mentioned on Steam. I hope to wait and be able to buy it on a 20% sale (Even on Steam the VAT is the same).

When I stumbled on this game, I was reminded of ("2001 A Space Odyssey" of course but also) the "Virtuality" short movie, the games "Choice of Robots" from Choice of Games; "Perspective" and "Nous" from DigiPen students.

These two later games were especially awesome because they made such clever use of their game's AI to construct the character of their in game AI, cleverly tickling the fourth just enough to build an atmosphere, a real tiny experience, sometimes not even needing words for that.

Now, even if event[0] doesn't present the mise-en-abyss those other games provided, welI, know I'm still going to buy it. No brainier for me.

— Like Gone Home? Well, I like exploration games as far as they don't make me spend more time walking than interacting with items or characters. So...on my list, $20 is might be too much for something like...well you know, what they call walking sims.

But if the AI can interact with more thank the doors and lights of the ship, if it can decide to go as far as threaten, or harm the player, then, by all means the game's worth every dollar for me. :D

— Anyway, if the developer(s) come to code anything with an in game AI after this, I'd be very interested and just as likely to buy!