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Well, there we go. You win. That was like maybe the weirdest game experience I've ever had? I'm not sure how to describe it, but I'll ramble on for 799 words anyway.

Your art was great. Everything was very readable (which is a MUST for a game with 4 crazy cameras facing in different directions). You always knew what something in the environment did. You knew the door was closed so you needed to open it with the button that you needed to shoot. You knew the cubes could be blown up with the bomb and that yellow lasers were probably blocked by your yellow shield. Your weapons told you what they did with both their name and justwhat they looked like in your hands. The colour-coded weapons and their cooldown arcs made it very easy to tell which weapon was in which hand and whether or not it was ready to be used. Very quickly I associated the weapons with their colours so I didn't have to waste time looking at the shapes of the weapons. The room designs were simple enough that you could get a good sense of them quickly and draw them in your head so you didn't really have much trouble navigating the space. I've actually made a very similar UFO for a game jam I did once upon a time so that was strange to see (and also probably the main reason I think your art is great is so that I can pretend that because I made 1 asset similar to 1 of yours 1 time a year ago, that my art is great too :p). The camera vision was disorienting at first, but what a great way to showcase your 4 eyes and aiming in 4 directions. 

I won't lie, I was a little bit angry every time I saw a new weapon. This game was already tough enough to look around you and try to solve puzzles. I don't need the added complexity of another weapon. Not to mention each weapon also serves 2-3 purposes so that's a lot of complexity crammed into each weapon. But I quickly got over it because there were more puzzles to solve and I do love puzzles. I do just want to reiterate that how each weapon interacts with each other weapon is just bonkers. I think every combination is used to solve at least one puzzle. Shooting the bombs with the lazer gun may be optional, but I think the rest are necessary.

I didn't even realize you could jump until I read these comments. I just rocket jumped my way to victory. I also didn't do the button behind the glass correctly. First I tried to shield down, grapple to the shield, then fire a bomb onto the ledge with the button to detonate the bomb and trigger the button. That didn't work, but I did eventually shield down, grapple to the shield, then fire the lazer gun right to the button.

I think your level design was pretty good for most levels. You seemed to utilize the four eyes and four directions to their fullest. The intro corridor was good for making sure the player could navigate in 3D using the four eyes to figure out which way to go. There was a part when I saw the shield weapon where I thought you were going to turn the whole game upside down and I was NOT ready for that extra layer. It was how the shield floated so high up, it looked like it was something on the ceiling. The puzzles required you to be facing different directions so you couldn't just play the whole game from the one normal view and it really forced you to look at the other views and think and visualize the map in 3D. 

There was a bit of a lack of identity in some of the puzzles. Some of them were just puzzles where you had to figure out the solution like where the button was or what two weapons to use together. But then there were some "action" puzzles where you had to figure out what to do, then you had to make a series of somewhat precise inputs in real time to solve some puzzles. Like grappling up and timing the shot right so you hit the button like in your one gif. And a harder example of firing the shield up, then pressing q to get the grapple facing up, then pressing up again to fire the grapple into the shield. I'm not saying either style of puzzle is bad or one is better, it just feels like it muddies the game having a bit of both; like sometimes it's a puzzle game, other times it's an action game.

Wow ! What a detailed feedback, I've read everything it was very interesting, thank your so much! :D