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There is definitely potential to your game!!
The school concept is always a good place to start, since you can make the environment creepy in many ways. The enemy model impressed me a lot too! It looks really good due to the high polygon count and the posture/jerky motion is definitely adding
to the creepiness factor.
The A.I. of the enemy isn't the best (There are some issues with the nav mesh from what I understand), but still it is challenging to avoid it. I think you did good putting 32 roses rather than putting a small amount of collectibles, to counter the A.I. issues.
The design of the school is good for a game like this. Many corridors are looking the same, so that the player feels vulnerable and disoriented. Also, the fact you can exit the building is cool too! Many horror games tend to restrict the player indoors.
Generally, I had fun playing your game!!
There is definitely room for improvement, so I hope you keep adding to it!

A really good Comment, Thank you super much and you understood it!
Plus yes i will be publishing more things for this game!