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This game looks very good! My expectations were low because I just stumbled across it here in itch, but so far I really like it! (Only a few hours in.)

I have a question: The advertised impregnation, will that be optional or will it happen automatically when you get far enough with certain girls? (I would prefer to avoid getting anyone pregnant.)

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As per my understanding, its not optional, its somehow binded to main story, which is also responsible for girls to evolve (hope you saw image of feral izanami above, just below pregnancy advertisement)

But for now, its long way to reach all those.


It will depend on the type, since there will be 3 forms of pregnancy. The evolution will likely be tied to the main story, as it unlocks a more powerful form of the girls. Then there is something like the PregX experiment, which will probably be for people who want to have sex with pregnant girls. I'm not sure about the 3rd, which I assume to be a more real pregnancy. It's still a ways off from being in game.

I think a option for a turn on-off if the girl is pregnant is a good idea! For the people who want the new forms but not like the pregnant girl!