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I really loved this game! It started out as a simple programming-type game like Human Resource Machine, but then evolved into an actual platformer. I really like the idea of having to combine planning your moves ahead of time through trial and error and real time controls like in a classic platformer.

The only complaint I would have with it would be that moving the floppy discs was clunky. That didn't hinder my enjoyment of this build, but if you were to expand on this game in the future (which I hope you do) maybe build in some key bindings or make floppies snap into their slots from a wider range. Also, my floppies started to get a bit cluttered in my play space. It would've helped if there was a dedicated space for storing your floppies, potentially slots of a different "neutral" color on all sides that are only meant to store floppies (I was keeping my floppy discs on the side that they were used on, red on the left, white right, black bottom. Having slots on all sides will accommodate that type of organization.)

Over all, I'm really excited to see what you do with this game in the future, if you do anything. Really cool concept, thank you for making this!