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Dude, seriously, you've got a game with gamefeel and a lot of polish. You understand how a game needs to feel - and it feels GREAT to play your game <3 I could play it non-stop if there aws an endless mode

I just felt like maybe the level design could improve a bit - at least on the browser version, I couldn't see some of the grappling points, so some parts were super frustrating (one specially where you drop down a long shaft and there's spikes at the bottom - I bet that if I could see one of the grappling points before I fell haflway at full speed, it'd have been good, but... oh well). Also perhaps not the most innovative idea, but I like to think execution is a bigger part of game jams - andy ou've got that down to a pat. Well done!


Thanks for the kind words and feedback! :) I agree that the camera is frustrating at times - I'll see what I can do about that for a post-jam version.