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As a Bi,  i literally can't keep my self straight when you said, keep it gay lol

welp joke aside, i really glad with you opening the door for fan game or mod, of minohotel, i already found some of the fan game in my feed but never actually playing it for some reason, but now you make me want to play them all, and thanks for listing all the fan game i will try it now

I kind of get the creators vision of a gay-only game. Even as homosexuality was becoming accepted in the 70s and on, there was never really anything exclusively gay that didn't come with some heterosexual/queer relationships (that changed maybe in ~2005 onward as the internet took off fast). That's a bit of a shame when you consider how many exclusively gay people liked consuming media like literature and art between those times and didn't have anything entirely for themselves unless it was created with a gay-only vision like this game. I'm down with it, even if it is a little hypocritical of general society that demands something LGBTQ in every piece of media from movies to advertisements, instead of letting a few be exclusively heterosexual.


I think people should respect writers and creators and let them tell the stories they want, including writing all-straight casts if they want to. It only becomes an issue when there's no media featuring a given group of people. In which case you either suck it up and take the scraps Hollywood wants to throw at you, congratulate a massive corporation for doing the bare minimum, perhaps make video essays complaining about how Disney won't make gay Black Panther for you, or rely on the fact that you live in an unprecedented era of independent media and do it yourself, or support independent creators that are giving you what you say you want and showing the world at large that there's demand for this content. We can't make action blockbusters but we sure as shit can make visual novels.