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Hey thanks for writing this out and expecting so much from the game.  I think these are valid critiques of the level design, controls, and mechanics. About halfway through I decided the game didn't look pretty enough  and I spent a bunch of time tweaking the art. As a result of this and other decisions, level design was kind of crammed in at the end and I think the mechanics suffered and I fell back on established platformer tropes which did a disservice to the underlying ideas.

While I'm not sure if there was a chance of EW reaching its full potential in just 48 hours, that doesn't invalidate your critiques and if I end up going forward with this game I will take this post to heart.

Thanks again,



Actually you've made a very good point, I didn't mean to seem like I was beating up on it with criticism, I know it was part of a 48 hour competition, I was just trying to give some constructive feedback. I really think this could be a great game, I generally don't leave critique like this on every game, just the ones that I can see a great potential in. I think you should build on the ideas you have in this game, it could become something really great.