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Hmmm. Interesting game concept, I love it. As other have said the graphics are cute. However I'm gonna gripe about gameplay, I felt that the puzzles presented demanded better control over the character than the control mechanic provided. With that perspective this reminds me a lot of the games made by Bennet Foddy, and of Flappy Bird.

The difference between this game and thoes, is that in thoes games the problem was at first blush impossible with the given controls, but eventually with the mastery of the controls you accomplished the seemingly trivial problem with your mastery of the controls. In this game, you're given controls that are complicated by the interface of juggling floppies, but you have a problem that in certain scenarios demand immediate responses. This control scheme feels more suited to a turn based simulation, or a problem where you could solve most problems with one configuration each, the control scheme screams LOGIC GAME, but the levels say physical mastery game.

I eventually got frustrated in the room after obtaining the spikes object floppy. The Tristate If was not enough logic to incorporate all that one screen threw at me, which required you to stop walking to reconfigure Eddie's control logic before each of the presented micro problems littered all over the screen. Progress was slow and arduous, and a given recipe doesn't always solve the same problem, due to Eddie's  positioning within a tile, it was very frustrating.

I feel this game would have been greatly improved if the position of Eddie was more tile based, as the positioning of features are tile based, and the logic Eddie uses is tile based. I also feel like the game would have been better, if on each screen there were 1 or 2 Eddie configurations that would get you through that screen. Many times I defaulted to just plugging in the command I wanted Eddie to do into the final else block: Walk, stop, Flip, stop, Jump, stop. set up a condition to jump over a wall ahead, walk ... stop. Laborious, tedious, frustrating, and boring.

I admit, I looked at the control scheme and immediately presumed this to be a reasoning and logic game, where the platform problem presented to you expressed a truth table, and you could set up your tristate if to one configuration and it would solve the room. I guess the problem I have with this game is that the levels are put together without consideration for the control scheme, and this schism of genre is like Genre without Mechanic but it's more deprecating to the experience of the game.  Again I don't want to say this is a bad game, far from it, I LOVE the idea in theory, but I feel like the spirit of the game was lost as the levels were being put together. It feels like you made the levels for a generic simple platformer game, and you tacked on a control scheme from a different game.

I don't mean to be harsh, and I think it's a cool idea, I just feel like the execution as a whole fell down at level design. Then again maybe your aim was to pair controls and levels that didn't work together, I would suggest you maybe avoid doing that in future. I hope to see this game developed further and the levels modified to compliment the control scheme more.


Hey thanks for writing this out and expecting so much from the game.  I think these are valid critiques of the level design, controls, and mechanics. About halfway through I decided the game didn't look pretty enough  and I spent a bunch of time tweaking the art. As a result of this and other decisions, level design was kind of crammed in at the end and I think the mechanics suffered and I fell back on established platformer tropes which did a disservice to the underlying ideas.

While I'm not sure if there was a chance of EW reaching its full potential in just 48 hours, that doesn't invalidate your critiques and if I end up going forward with this game I will take this post to heart.

Thanks again,



Actually you've made a very good point, I didn't mean to seem like I was beating up on it with criticism, I know it was part of a 48 hour competition, I was just trying to give some constructive feedback. I really think this could be a great game, I generally don't leave critique like this on every game, just the ones that I can see a great potential in. I think you should build on the ideas you have in this game, it could become something really great.