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i gotta say the game looks really good , the game runs really smooth, didn't hit or experience any glitches. graphics wise, the map  looks very appealing, really gave it "abandon" house vibe. the atmosphere was really creepy,  kept me on mah toes, did a good job building it up the more and more as you go thru rooms. the random jump scares with the tables getting flipped. the house rooms  getting smaller really gave a claustrophobic feel. in the Maze portion of the game, i was about to freak if the monster static looking thing went thru the maze as we tried to search for the keys. i think that would be a cool add on to  the chase. it would make it a little harder but would make the chase more fun.  Good job on the game btw, keep up the good work, i was impresses that it was a one person development.  keep it up