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That's great! :D

Since you asked for them, I Have a pair of ideas / suggestions ^_^
-A (configurable?) number of "undos" would be the most important to me. Ctrl+Z is my friend and I feel lost without him XD
-More export options would be great, like png sequence or animated gif.
-More "import" options to use animated textures for particles, not just spritesheet, but also png sequence or animated gif.
-More motion types, like linear, or following a path drawn by users, and also predeterminated paths, like circles, triangles, etc. would be great.
-I love the idea of using nodes for effects :D A new node for resizing (with option to choose between bilinear/nearest neighbour, maybe?) would be cool, that way the output would be more configurable without needing to change lots of parameters.
-Having separated effects for each emitter and being able to copy effects from one emitter to another one would probably be another nice feature.

And that's it, I've run out of ideas XD I hope you can use some of them ^^

Thanks for the feedback!

Undo/Redo is planned, I'll begin working on that soon

Image sequence export is currently being worked on, animated GIF will come after if I can find a library to handle that stuff interally (I want to avoid bundling the tool with extra software like ImageMagik for example)

Importing PNG sequences should be doable, importing animated textures maybe, but it kinda depends on the above library I guess.

Paths are planned but I haven't decided the best way to handle them yet, pre-made shapes should be possible too.

As for the effect nodes, they use shaders to do the image processing, so in some cases they're somewhat limited. Resizing maybe tricky (or impossible) due to this, but I can look into it. Can you explain why you feel you would need a resize node? When you export your animation, it's possible to specify a scale to shrink the image by (enlarging isn't currently implemented, but could be) so I don't know if this would still be relevant or not.

Having separate effects per emitter isn't possible as all emitters are drawn to the same image and then the effects are applied to that image. It would be bad for performance (and your video memory) to have effects operate on each emitter individually unfortunately.